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If you are looking for an excellent dental practice that provides family dental care you should visit us at Elmwood Park Cosmetic Dentistry. Our three top-notch dentists, Drs. Giuffre Shore, Mears Ghinelli, and Powell, provide the highest level of dental care including pediatric dental in Elmwood Park NJ.

Patients enjoy coming to our dental practice because they know that they can receive all of the dental care that they need at our one dental office. We provide complete dental care for kids, adults, and seniors. It is generally recommended that a child comes in to see our dentist for the first time when their first baby tooth erupts, or when the child reaches one year of age – whichever happens first. It is very important that children visit our pediatric dental in Elmwood Park NJ in order to ensure that their teeth stay healthy. Even if your child has baby teeth, it is still very important that they come to our dental practice for dental exams and dental cleanings. Baby teeth play many important roles in the child’s mouth, so it is important that baby teeth remain healthy and intact for as long as they are needed. One of the most important functions that baby teeth provide is to act as placeholders for permanent teeth. If a baby tooth falls out prematurely, the corresponding permanent tooth may end up having difficulty erupting, and may end up coming in, in the wrong place, or pushing other teeth out of place. Additionally, baby teeth help a child to chew his or her food for complete digestion. And finally, having baby teeth will enable your child to develop clear speaking habits. Our entire staff will make sure that your child has a stress-free and fun time at our dental office so that he or she will grow up having positive feelings about dentists and dental care. This will help to ensure that they will never hesitate to seek out dental care when it is needed.

For an appointment for your child to visit our pediatric dental in Elmwood Park NJ, contact us today.

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